Our “Moving Up” program is an exclusive program to help you get from your existing home into the Lubbock home of your dreams! Here’s how it works:

Step 1
List your home with us, (Dan Hines is a licensed Texas Realtor with Lubbock Discount Realty) and we will use all the latest marketing strategies along with aggressive negotiation to get your home sold in a timely manner. We list your home, for 3% plus $800. Do the math! On a $200,000 home, this could mean $4,500 coming back to you!

Step 2
We will guide you in locating a moving company to get you to your temporary lodging and, if needed, a storage facility to store some of your belongings (additional charges by moving/storage will apply if you choose this service).

Step 3
We have done the leg work and have created a fabulous list of potential homes and apartments that will accept short term leases. This should help you and your loved ones find a comfortable transitional home where you can seamlessly maintain your life with little added stress.

Step 4
Once your new custom home is complete, we can assist in lining up the movers to return and make the final move into your new home!

You won’t find another offer like this anywhere! Just to be clear, here’s how it works again: when you sign a contract to build a home with us, we list your home for $800 and 3% to the buyers agent. We’re talking about thousands of dollars! This is money that you would never see if you listed your house with another realtor!

Imagine building a new West Texas Celebration Home, selling your existing home, and making the final move into your dream home with very little added stress! Celebration Homes can make it possible through our Moving Up Program.